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If you've always dreamed of playing smart, steady, consistent tennis without having to worry about making tons of frustrating unforced errors.....

Or if you've always wanted to actually TAKE points from your opponents using big, confident offense instead of just hoping that they'll screw up.....

OR if you've never really had a "Plan A" or "Plan B" and constantly leave the singles court wondering "how in the world did I lose that match??"

Then Singles Domination 2.0 is the course you've been looking for!

The Formula for Singles Success!

Singles Domination 2.0 is such an effective course because it has been built around an incredibly powerful formula:

Smart Play + Offense + Solid Strategy = DOMINATION

Almost all singles players are weak in one of those free areas and most are deficient in more than one. This leaves huge holes in your game and makes it extremely easy for your opponents to "figure you out" on the court and come away with a win.

If that sounds like you please don't worry because Singles Domination 2.0 will show you how to become fully confident at executing ALL three areas of successful singles play!

PROVEN Instruction

I'm incredibly confident that Singles Domination 2.0 can have you winning more matches than ever before in a very short period of time because I've already seen it happen for players using the exact same instruction.

Many of the videos inside the course were shot during a weekend long singles strategy clinic. Within just a few weeks here are some of the reports that I heard back from players who attended:

In just that short amount of time these are some of the reports that I'm hearing back from players that attended:

My expectations were blown away.  I feel like I know what to do in many more situations than before. I immediately saw an improvement. I was able to hang with players at the 4.0 level and they made comments about how I have improved. My confidence was much higher and I actually felt like I belonged at that level. Specifically, I am using various combinations of pace and depth to build points, applying directionals, am mixing up serve locations every time, and much more effective on transition. 

Chicago, IL

The Singles Domination clinic was worth every penny and then some. I have been more mindful of my shot selections since attending the clinic. I used to just react to the ball coming toward me and hit it where it felt natural, which was often a low percentage shot. Now I actually have a plan in mind before my opponent even hits the ball! 

Belleville, WI

We weren't able to get to everything that I wanted to cover during the clinic so by the time the original Singles Domination course was complete there was more than double the instruction that those clinic students received.

A full year ago 638 tennis players just like you poured into the original Singles Domination course and since then they've been seeing some amazing transformations in their results on the court:

The strategies presented in Singles Domination have helped me level up to the 3.75 rating at my local club. I started beating pushers, moonballers, slicers, and heavy hitters because what I learned was incredibly effective at diminishing their powers. I went from a 1-10 record in 2012 to 12-5 in 2013. Thank you Ian! 

Los Angeles, CA

It has been a great journey for me. I am now not afraid of anything I face on the court in singles play. Just as important as the wins, I know what I do wrong and why when I lose to someone. All my regular opponents are remarking how my play has improved. Thanks again for a great, great course. 

Missouri City, TX

Singles Domination has really helped me develop my "Tennis Eyes." Now I can see both patterns of play and lines of offense to take against any opponent. It takes just a few minutes on the court and I recognize my opponent's weaknesses. Before Singles Domination I didn't know what to do or how to attack, but now, once I see a weakness, I can immediately apply an appropriate pattern to expose it and win quicker, cheaper points. Thanks, Ian for creating Singles Domination! 

Huntington Beach, CA

Since then I've added even more lessons and instruction to the course to create what you now have the opportunity to learn from: Singles Domination 2.0. It's hands down the most complete and comprehensive singles tactics and strategy course available anywhere in the world.

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Strike fear in the hearts of your opponents by confidently putting away those short sitters.
  • Set up winning strategies against ANY type of opponent.
  • Finally have an effective Plan B instead of playing right into a loss.
  • Stop being frustrated by pushers and moonballers after learning how to dictate play.
  • Create huge offensive openings by controlling the height, depth, and pace of your shots.
  • Never give away another match with unforced error after unforced error after learning how to play the percentages.
  • Frustrate your opponents by correctly using specialty shots like the drop shot and lob.
  • Set every point up for success by picking smart and effective serve targets.
  • Break serve more often after learning how to move and where to aim on the return of serve.
  • Stop wasting time on the practice court after learning countless cooperative and competitive drills.
  • Intimidate your opponents by approaching the net correctly and effectively.
  • Open up the court by using the inside-out and inside-in forehand like the pros.
  • Confuse your opponents by throwing in a serve and volley effectively.
  • And much more!

Over 100 Videos, 1 Result: DOMINATION

Within the Singles Domination 2.0 course you'll be guided step by step through well over 100 instructional videos, all of them clearly and plainly presented just like the three samples you saw during the free series you saw over the past week.

Plus, you can download and save ALL of them directly to your computer, smart phone or tablet so you can re-watch them and continue learning for the rest of your life.

These videos have been painstakingly planned and organized into three different sections of the course:

  • Module 1: "Foundations"

    This section really lays the groundwork for your success by focusing on part of tennis that EVERY player should be solid at: smart play. Within it you'll learn how to play smart, savvy, high percentage tennis.

    Every good tennis strategy must begin with a solid understanding of what shot selections are smart and which are not which is exactly what you'll learn inside Foundations. If you currently lose match after match due to frustrating unforced errors then this section will make a huge difference in your game.

    You'll be learning about the directionals, controlling height and depth, when to attempt low percentage shots, where you aim your serves and returns and my favorite competitive serve drill called Horse.

  • Module 2: "Offensive Tactics"

    Now the fun part! This section of the course will teach you how to finally start FINISHING points using aggressive play.

    Without good offense you're just praying for your opponent to screw up, definitely not good! Having only consistency on the court will only get you so far in tennis, and I don't want you to hit that roadblock.

    If you're currently losing match after match because the only thing you feel comfortable with is just getting the ball back in play then this section will show you exactly how to overcome that.

    Within it you'll learn how to attack the net, create huge offense from the baseline, attack short balls consistently, how to serve and volley, and use specialty shots like the drop shot.

  • Module 3: "Strategy School"

    Being simply consistent out there is one thing, adding big offense to that is another, but only players that dominate are able to develop a masterful strategy against every type of opponent to boot.

    This section is going to train you how to deeply analyze every opponent and develop a solid, winning strategy every time.

    If you currently walk off the court wondering "what just happened?" on a regular basis then this section is going to be absolutely huge for you because you'll finally have a purpose and plan behind EVERY shot you hit.

    Within this section you're going to learn about game styles, what your "identity" as a tennis player is, how to create a plan A, B and C, and also how to defeat every major type of style including pusher, big hitter, net rusher and more.

  • Module 4: "Set Play Analysis"

    Learning everything in modules one through three is vital to your success on the court but nothing could possibly prepare you better for domination than seeing examples of real life successes and failures analyzed.

    In this section of the course you'll get to watch shot by shot as Ian picks appart the shot selections and strategies of real club level players just like you.

    Learn from their good shots choices, learn from the ones that weren't so hot, and cement in your own mind exactly what it's going to take for you to become successful with your own game.

    If you currently have a lot of general singles strategy knowledge rolling around in your head but it just hasn't ever come together into one cohesive understanding then this final module is going to be a game changer for you.

That's a ridiculous amount of game transforming instruction but I'm going to throw in a few amazing bonuses on top of it:

Bonus #1: Live Video Strategy Training

This is your chance to get singles strategy coaching from me personally when you tune in live for one of four training sessions!

You’ll see me standing there in front of my tennis court “Orangeboard” with dry erase markers in hand ready to answer YOUR questions personally.

Can’t make the sessions live? No problem, you’ll be able to post questions ahead of time for me to answer and every session will be recorded and posted inside the course portal.

You’ll be able to view and download every single one to refer back to for the rest of your life.

I’ve never done this for a course before and the personalized training is worth at least $300 on it’s own but you’ll receive it all free with your Singles Domination 2.0 membership.

Bonus #2: Complete Tennis Fitness

Just imagine how much higher your level of play would be if you became faster, stronger, and more flexible all at the same time. What an amazing transformation you'd see on the court!

Better Speed and Quickness means that you'd be able to get to more shots that your opponent hits to you, lengthening points and giving yourself a greater chance of winning them. You'd also be in better balance to hit the shots that you typically get to already, allowing you to be more offensive and in control.

Increasing your Strength would allow you to hit shots with more power and spin thanks to the increased racket head speed, plus your muscles and joints would also be more stable and less prone to injury.

Improving your Flexibility would mean moving around the court more easily and more efficiently, also greatly decreasing your chance of injury which is crucial to your longevity in the sport!

Complete Tennis Fitness was designed and created by Steve Beck, a certified personal trainer to help you achieve all of these things and more.

This course includes dozens and dozens of lift, stretch, and drill video demos and a full 14 week training program designed specifically for peak on court performance!

This course has only ever been made available to the public ONE time and the price for membership was $300.

When you sign up for Singles Domination 2.0 you'll receive a full membership absolutely free!

Bonus #3: Mental Toughness Bootcamp 2.0 with Ed Tseng

Even the best strategy in the world can't get you a win if you're constantly battling nerves and choking on the court!

That's why I've hired mental toughness guru Ed Tseng for an encore performance of his coaching calls that Singles Domination 1.0 students received more than a year ago.

Have you ever blown a huge lead in an important match? Do you lack focus during some matches? Would you like more confidence and motivation? Do you wish you could do your best when it means the most?

If so then these coaching calls with Ed are going to be a huge game changer for you. He works with high performance and professional athletes on a daily basis so he knows exactly what it takes to get the right mindset for peak performance.

Ed charges his coaching clients $250 an hour which means this three hour bonus is worth much more than that.

Unbeatable Instructional Value

Every lesson from my Singles Strategy Clinic: $400 (plus no travel expenses!)

Every lesson from both course updates: $600

Live Video Strategy Training: $300

Full Complete Tennis Fitness Course: $300

Mental Toughness Bootcamp 2.0: $250

That's a combined instructional value of $1,850, but I'm only going to charge $297. Or, if you'd like spread it across three monthly payments of $99.

Domination - Guaranteed For Life

The whole point of Singles Domination is for your tennis game to improve. Period. That is my first and primary goal every time I release an instructional course online.

Other instructional websites will give you 60 or 90 days to check out their courses before your ability to ask for a refund expires. Not so with Essential Tennis.

I'm proud to say that in the history of my business I’ve never denied a refund request for any reason or after any period of time. Ever.

That’s how seriously I take my instruction and your improvement on the court. If you don’t see results or aren’t happy with what you receive for any reason at all then you deserve a refund. End of story.

Don't play another singles match without Smart Play, Offense, or Solid Strategy - Get on the path to Domination today!

So what are you waiting for? You're not going to find a better singles course, a higher instructional value, and a guarantee of improvement anywhere else. Sign up right now by clicking the button below and let's get started transforming your singles game!

Questions before registering? No problem, you can shoot me a direct e-mail to or even call/text me at this number: (484) 938-8255.

P.S. Please remember that I 100% guarantee your success within Singles Domination 2.0. If you're not playing smarter, using offense more effectively, and putting together better strategies at the end of the course then I'll be happy to grant you a full refund. No questions asked.

Click the button above to get instant access to the course and receive all $1850 worth of instruction. I can't wait to start personally working with you!



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